1989 Diary
I've started many diaries with the full intention of seeing them through to at least the end of the year but most not getting beyond a couple of weeks. This transcript is taken from a diary I started on January 1st 1989. This is a little unusual in that it was written on a cash register roll and actually lasted for two months. I'm finally typing this out since it was originally written in pencil and it is now, eleven years on, getting dificult to read.

Sun 1st Jan
AM Trev slept over, played computer games 'til early morn. Stayed in bed until 11:30 when gran came for lunch.
PM Went to Watford in truck with Steve to pick up fork lift. Watched Gremlins and played computer with Trev and Mick.

Mon 2nd Jan
AM Got up at 11:30
PM Went out for ride in Trev's car. Fixed Trev's radio.

Tue 3rd Jan
AM Got up at 11:07, early huh ! Read old letters from Suzy, wish she would write.
PM Took Amiga mouse back to Sidcup, talked with Rober Dissington for ages. Did digitising of photos in evening, Trev and Stace soon got bored.

Wed 4th Jan
AM Got up at 9:40
PM Straightened bumper and replaced overider. Played computer with Carlton, took Stace to Dartford. Went to Church, medium Niel, no messages, funny man.

Thurs 5th Jan
AM Got up V.Late
PM Tidied up room.

Fri 6th Jan
AM Up at 11:30
PM Rob came round in evening with all his games, got smile off Sarah in offee for Christmas card, stayed up 'til.....

Sat 7th Jan
AM Went to bed at 3am, got up at 11:30
PM Discing and computing, had KFC with Rob and Trev at 10:30

Sun 8th Jan
AM Flight simulator in the morning.
PM Nan and Grandad went home, did digitising, saw Nic, she'd spent the night up London. Got posters off Trev.

Mon 9th Jan
AM Started College. Same time table, Ziggy could be naff.
PM Sean loved the Amiga, Stace and Lisa came round, bulb in headlamp naff.

Tue 10th Jan
AM College
PM Went to computer shop, bought a new joystick. Played California Games. Replaced bulb. Evening discovered a 'virus' in discs.

Wednesday 11th Jan
AM College, got a project
PM Lifted a car out of a hole when nerd skidded and hit tree. Church in evening, medium mentioned John ?

Thursday 12th Jan
AM College, oil mini
PM Carlton and Trev came over. Lent 2 to Stace. Got letter from bank.

Friday 13th Jan
AM College, picked up Rober Renaulds, Sean missed college.
PM Cleaned car, put break light on. In evening Sean and Des went home early as Des was ill. Afterwards got drunk.

Saturday 14th Jan
AM Discovered record player broken. Dad freed motor. Started to move bedroom.
PM Trev helped move room. Re-did posters, Michael got cupboard from MFI. Bought Telephone.

Sunday 15th Jan
AM Watched first half of Empire Strikes Back.
PM Watched rest of film then Return Of The Jedi. Took Lisa home. Digitised Star Wars. Finished G and CS title page.

Monday 16th Jan
AM College going to Norwood, I'm not
PM Watched TV, computer swallowed 100 words of project. Trev having party on Sat.

Tuesday 17th Jan
AM College
PM Record player naffed again.

Wed 18th Jan
AM Saw Dawes in college
PM Took six people home in car. Went with dad to pay Mr Usher. Went to see Gary but he wasn't in.

Thur 19th Jan
AM College, got up late, got in early.
PM Followed John Palmer home as his car was dogy. Trev round in evening and Carlton. Des phones and mones.

Fri 20th Jan
AM College
PM Went round Robert's, reading and computing 'til late.

Sat 21st Jan
AM Went to Lewisham, bought RAC Rally
PM Went round Trev's got drunk, stayed round Robert's 'til ....

Sunday 22nd Jan
AM Went to bed at 4:30am
PM Rob and Trev came round, Rob with his Computer.

Monday 23rd Jan
AM College
PM Did lot of project

Tuesday 24th Jan
AM College
PM Warned for speeding. Found Elite Cheat

Wednesday 25th Jan
AM Woke up peeved
PM Church medium mentioned work in Devon? Sore hand? Stace hurt his hand on type writer. Been driving to the letter of the law, other drivers hate it.

Thursday 26th Jan
AM College
PM 12:03 Trev has driving test and passes. Trev and Mick came down and followed me home from college. Go round Robert's in the evening.

Friday 27th Jan
AM Fealt naf but went to college
PM Got home, went to bed.

Saturday 28th Jan
AM Trev and Martin come round.
PM Mum and Dad go out, we watch 'Goonies' then 'The Fly'

Sunday 29th Jan
AM Making new music tape
PM Washed car, van and Volovo. Put on screen protector.

Monday 30th Jan
AM College, Mrs Hayes baby due March 1st
PM Wrote letter to MGT

Tue 31st Jan
AM College
PM Round Robert's, dared him to get kebab while waring tiger slippers.

Wed 1st Feb
AM College
PM Church, nowt

Thurs 2ne Feb
AM Micros class was boring, almost fell asleep.
PM Came home and slept most of the afternoon. Went to Maidstone in Trev's car in evening. Posted letter.

Friday 3rd Feb
AM College
PM Sarah's had her hair done. Normal Friday with Trev and Mick.

Saturday 4th Feb
AM Up late
PM Wired up driving lights. Watched Dragnet.

Sunday 5th Feb
AM Up late
PM Started Brian's soak away. Coated one rear window on van. Cleaned bonnet of car, discovered fault with lights, they flash with indicators. Went for drive, saw Trev's kittens. Totally failed to get off with any girls all week.

Monday 6th Feb
AM College
PM Out for a drive in my car, Trev followed. Took CBs, picked up Lisa.

Tuesday 7th Feb
AM College
PM Replaced light bulb and repointed lamps. Fixed up lamps for Stace. Played computer all evening.

Wednesday 8th Feb
AM College
PM Watched first half of Cosby video, picked up Chris's exrcise bike. Took Chris, Pat and Pat's dad to church.

Thursday 9th Feb
AM College
PM Comming home lost bonnet bolt. Couldn't get key out of lock. Went and saw Trev's new telly, watched all of Cosby video. Earlier took Rod to get his bike from Gravesend.

Friday 10th Feb
AM College
PM Me and Stace had hair cut. Started to repair brakes, dad did most of the work.

Saturday 11th Feb
AM Up late
PM Dad finished the brakes, I tested them on drive. Walked to Hi-Tech in Bexelyheath and bought 'Double Dragon'. Robert came round in the evening, we had Kebabs late in the evening.

Sunday 12th Feb
AM Not applicable
PM Printed out pd pictures, computed all afternoon and evening.

Monday 13th Feb
AM College, saw Brian's computer (Nick Parrs friend)
PM Digitising model cars for Michael's school project.

Tues 14th Feb
AM College
PM Core test. Martin Champion came over, did computing all afternoon and evening. Got reminder for tax renewal.

As to what else happened that year I have only a patchy memory......