Star Wars Toys

Recreating scenes from the films is quite effective with the green backing. Perspective actually makes the /falcon toy look larger than it really is.

Docking bay 94
Sand Crawler

According to collectors web sites this original base mold was re-used for two Hoth play sets, exactly the same moulding but using white to represent the snow. Again, I don't remember ever buying this and I don't think it was ever played with very much.

The escape pod came with the Sand Crawler set. R2 is the 'lightsaber' firing version from Return of the Jedi and C3PO is has removable limbs to emulate when he is blown appart in The Empire Strikes Back.

Its our desitny to suffer.
The good guys.

The third leg on R2 is from the droids construction kit. Ben is one of only two figures we have with intact plastic capes. Though we have had multiple Darth Vaders the cloaks do have not survived.


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