Recently I've been surfing the Internet by following links to which people leave as they sign guest-books on web sites. Each time I sign a guest book it tends to prompt the owner to come sign mine. Mark from THEBECKET.CO.UK read an earlier post on my guest-book and had the following to say:

Like the Site - what happened with those ants in assembly then? we all want to know the story !!

Back in junior school, every Friday assembly would be presentation day. This was when children would get their cycling proficiency badges and their certificates for swimming a width of the local swimming pool. Also on Fridays children would do their own presentations, reading poetry, singing songs, oh we were a real little community school. As I am now being reminded I was frequently up in front of the school.
I wrote my own songs, recited poems and was even known to play the stylophone some times.
The stylophone was the predecessor to the cheap electronic keyboard. It had a stylus (looked like a pen with a wire connecting it to the stylophone) which you touched on metal contacts to complete the circuit and make the tunes.
The Bionic Ant was a song which I wrote when I was about nine. Possible influences from Michael Bentine's potty time meant that when I sang the song I actually bought a match box in to school with me, all the kids wanted to see the Bionic Ant when all he ever was, was a drawing in the bottom of a match box.


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