Summer Holiday 2001
Seth jumping in the pool.

This was the first true holiday that we had spent as a family. We stayed at a full board hotel in Palmanova in Majorca. Though the only flights the kids had been on before were when they came over to England they were both well behaved on the plane.

We weren't in the hotel long before we found the pool.

The waterproof cameras proved to be a good buy. I did not want to get the digital camera wet or full of sand so we took the disposable, waterproof cameras when we were by the pool or the sea.

Cara jumping in the pool.

The kids spent several hours each day in the pool. To start with Cara was very shy and cautious but as the holiday progressed she got braver and braver.

I took the opportunity to learn to dive. Didn't belly flop too many times.

We didn't book up too many excursions, being only a short distance from the sea we spent most of the holiday in either the sea or the pool.

Both Seth and Cara were very ill one night after drinking the local tap water. Rather than admit that he'd drunk the tap water after we'd told him not to Seth suggested that he was ill because he'd been looking at all the topless women on the beach. This little comment made staying up all night worth while.

Babs in the Meditiranian Sea

The holiday company we went with provided a kids club. There were a couple of afternoons and evenings that Barbara and I had to ourselves. We lay out on the inflatable beds in the sea for about three hours one afternoon, very soothing. I was surprised that I didn't get burned, as normally weather this hot would give me headaches and red skin. I think that it was due to the fact that we'd been drinking much more water than normal that kept our hydration to a good level even in the hot weather.

Daz and the jet bike

Barbara and I also got the chance to go out on jet bikes. A speedboat took us out to a pontoon moored about a mile out to sea. From the pontoon we to the bikes out and around a circuit, bouncing off the waves.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time out on the waves, the wind blowing through our hair, the sea splashing in our faces.

When getting off the bike and back on to the boat I slipped and kicked the side of the boat with my bare foot. My toe soon turned black and blue but luckily it didn't hurt and after a few days it was looking normal again.

Cara having her face painted.

The kids club frequently did face painting and you could be sure that every time they did, Cara wanted her face done. She had the choice of what ever animal she wanted but always went for a 'Ziggy Stardust' effect.

Seth enjoyed beating the kids and club leaders alike at Playstation.

Soaking up the Spanish sun.

Cara has proven to be a very good photographer. She took photographs of Barbara, Seth and I when ever we'd let her have the camera. The benefit of the digital camera is that she can take whichever pictures she wants and we only need keep the good ones. I'm sure that if we gave Cara a standard film camera she'd take a whole bunch of headless pictures.

We had a great time in Majorca. Seth made a new friend with a boy who lives about five miles away from us, Cara made new friends all the time though she struggled to remember their names.

Barbara and I would like to go back to Majorca some time but expect to be on camping holidays for the next few years at least.


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