Halloween 2001

This year Babs decided to join us in carving some pumpkins. She bought a smaller pumpkin than the rest of us but this worked out better when the candle was placed inside. Babs also added some eyebrows to her pumpkin by just removing the skin from the shapes above the eyes. I'm not sure who she was thinking of when we took this picture....

The best part of making jack-o-lanterns for Cara is scooping the innards from the pumpkin. She scraped most of the innards from my pumpkin and was so thorough with her own that the skin was translucent in places. We don't let Cara cut the face out yet but she did help design it.

This is the first year we've let Seth carve his own pumpkin. Next year we'll just cut a hole in the top of his and drop a firecracker inside, I think there would be fewer holes. He started off with a face but then gouged out the eyebrows, then dug out some ears. At least the candle inside had plenty of air to it.

My pumpkin had some kind of mark on it, which made my Jack a scar-face. I've not got the hang of designing a good face yet, the holes are too small and the candle keeps going out unless we leave the top off.
The award for best cut pumpkin this year has to go to Babs. To see last years pumpkins follow this link or look in the archive section of the site under 'Scary Faces'.


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