My guest book used to be hosted with BESEEN.COM but they have now retired their 'free' services. The guest book is still here for you to read but at the moment I don't have a guest book you can sign.

Elaine Margery   05/Aug/2002:22:54:42
I am taking my girls to the wax works the end of august and cannot wait.
Lia   25/Jul/2002:07:08:48
Hey, I happen to like California. Of course, I've lived here half my


In other stuff, had fun with the Brit quiz. Especially liked the dig
at Man U. Of course, I am an Arsenal fan. Hey, I may be American but
I've loved football since I was eight. Even played one year in London.
Susan Brunner   24/Jul/2002:01:31:43
Great Pages
Kjarles   23/Jul/2002:11:45:20
I'm an American who took your "How British are you" quiz.
I got 75% and it stated that I know my way around London but I'm likely
to settle on the west coast of America.

Never in a million years. I hope California slides into the ocean. A
waste of beautiful land but we can spare the "culture".

Bridget   22/Jul/2002:17:16:27
mayte, awesome "how british are you?" quiz... extremely amusing to
find out i'm 80% british (i.e. mr. bean :P) even though i'm Australian.
Thanks for the laugh.
teija   21/Jul/2002:18:38:07
heyhey :)!! According to ur How brittish am i quiz,im 52.5% brittish..
though im from finland lol :P cool site-&- cool tests, cheers. Im off to
read ur writings hehee
sara   01/Jul/2002:22:27:52
hello!!:D your diary is really kooL!!yup!!bye!:D
emily faith in destiny 27/Jun/2002:09:53:54
cool site! it's great! =) visit my page too! i got here from your quiz
it's funny =D well i'll be back for more soon! so i'll probably sign
again!!! keep up the good work! -emily
Felix   18/Jun/2002:18:08:38
Love the quiz mate!!
97.5% British I am, great! Just, why is it the British Quiz, if there
isn't anything Scottish or Welsh on it? Not that I care anywho!
rachel   14/Jun/2002:03:10:27
ummm What country and city /location are you exactly in????
Other than that great work very life like.
t   03/Jun/2002:03:44:33
ff fff 25/May/2002:05:22:03
poo foo-poo 22/May/2002:21:48:15
poo do-do on you
mike   06/May/2002:01:12:48
I really don't like your 'how british are you' quiz. I'm 100% British
but your thing told me I was only 32.5. WHATS GOING ON!!!!!

By the way Dave called yesterday. I thought You'd like to know that.

Please tell me when you've fixed your Device.

sugartears sugartear's blog/diary 25/Apr/2002:02:06:57
hey I took your test to see how british I am:

centerbrI am 87.5% British, just likebrbMr Bean/bbrShy to
the point of ridicule, you've probably never been out of the
UK.brbrTake the Brit Quiz atbra
href= written by Daz lj

and guess I am 100% British!
Andy Matthews 20/Apr/2002:01:52:52
LOL! Love the "How British are You" quiz!! Also thanx for the link to
the "Which "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" Character Are You?"
quiz!!! Great stuff!!
Jim Brown James Brown's homepage (Kobudo) 02/Apr/2002:23:54:23

Your site is great, i especially like your are you a brit. for my sins
I'm 92.5% the rest has got to be Irish LOL

All the best

Caz (Agent Smirnoff) Agent Smirnoff 22/Mar/2002:16:09:04

Well I got here from your email you sent me lol

Nice site, catcha later x
Leenie Mak ****The Katie Zone**** 20/Mar/2002:11:25:08
Forgetting to copy the HTML code to add your test to my site, I felt it
be wise to retake your test to obtain the code. Upon me retaking the
test I ended up getting a higher score. I am currently 95% British
according to your quiz. Lemme hop on the Concord and pop on over to
your country and mosy on into a flat in Liverpool (if they have them
there.... lol).
~Leenie Mak :o)
Tia Novick Faerie Dream Graphics 16/Mar/2002:07:17:03
I took your How British are you quiz...I scored 50%. I knew more of
the "right" answers, but chose to answer as the American that I am ;).
It was a rather cute test, so I decided to browse around your journal
and site. Looks great!
Leenie Mak **** The Katie Zone **** 15/Mar/2002:08:59:04
I took your Brit Quiz (found in the diary of a pal of mine) and passed
(I suspect) with a score of 92.5! Not bad for a non-British person. I
chose to browse around your site more, and I find it totally amusing.
You're one unique fellow! Keep up the great site!
~LeenieMak :o)
Dork Atomic Lava Lounge 08/Mar/2002:04:33:19
The page looks great! I keep thinking about working on mine again, but
I can't. I'm too attached to it.

Keep up the good work. I'll be over to pinch ideas soon. ;o)
Becky   01/Mar/2002:05:54:14
I took the How British Are You? Quiz - I'm 67.5% British, though I live
in the States! Rather silly result, but you never know!
seth buffy page 11/Feb/2002:22:24:33
exelent style fore page
passerby   10/Feb/2002:05:43:28
In what sense is Catherine Zeta Jones an 'English rose'? The woman is
from Swansea!
swirly Stumbling Through and Only 50 Billion Watching 06/Feb/2002:05:07:09
Loved reading about you and your family.

Scored 100% on the brit quiz...which would be a good thing if I were a
brit. Just makes me seem uptight for a yank.

take care,
Offended Briton   04/Feb/2002:17:16:03
Racism is a wonderful thing.

Have a nice day you gunslining, truck driving, xenophobic, fast food
loving, egostistical retard.
poo poo   30/Jan/2002:20:00:25
wot a load of sh**
Phil Keenan   17/Jan/2002:05:19:39
I tried your "Brit-quiz" on recommendation of a mate, but it's coming
up with "error on page"........can't finish it off as a result.
can you sort it or tell me wot's wrong please?
Brian Parris   13/Jan/2002:00:03:39
Terry Duckworth 12/Jan/2002:02:49:41
You sort of blew it on the final review of answers. Gave me an 85% and
stated I had never been out of Blighty (my choice of words).

I have lived in the USA for the last 34 years. However, some things
never change.


Terry D.
Nicky   09/Jan/2002:20:19:34
Thank you for such a cool web site! It's brightened up my day and I
now feel inspired to have a go at setting up my own. I'm 30, don't use
the internet much, live with my partner and baby girl (7 months) and
planning to move to Cornwall in February. (Thought I'd give you some
info. about me - seeing as I have just read so much about you!)
By the way - I searched for info. on 11th September on Lycos and found
your site that way (by accident!)
sophie   07/Jan/2002:05:17:54
you are refreshingly weird!!!
Julie Twiddlefaddlemuck 07/Jan/2002:01:25:12
By the way...30% British here. Makes me Madonna, oh joy, what a role
model. cool quiz, I was able to get 100% by being dishonest ;)
Julie Twiddlefaddlemuck 07/Jan/2002:01:11:56
hmmm....Guy Fawkes Night? is that, like, a holiday? I'm American, and
as you all know, we're very stupid xenophobes, so, could you please
tell me why you would celebrate some terrorist? I'm not trying to
sound rude or pretentious, but why would some guy attempting to blow up
Parliament deserve a holiday?


seth and tj none 07/Jan/2002:01:03:17
very well done your an exspert on computers daz and dad !
tj none 07/Jan/2002:01:01:04
expert on every thing you do.
C2it   01/Jan/2002:01:27:37
It is good to know how to massage! but, finding some-one who will let
you practice on is the trick!
Becky Sparkling Ocean of Anime 31/Dec/2001:04:31:38
Really cool page! I like the html that you have done on it. Wish I
could do that, but NO! I have to have a manual that is about 500 pages
thick to be able to look up html to make words in bold... I dont'
remember much of it.

I really like it!
Gabby   28/Dec/2001:13:04:06
i did your how british are you quiz, I was 60% british. Anyhowz im an
Jennifer   26/Dec/2001:11:33:52
Hey, cool website! I took that How British Are You? quiz, and I was
wondering what answers a British person would say cuz some of the
questions went completely over my head! Anyway, keep up the good
work! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!
P.S Any British boys wanna talk, e-mail me! ;) Wow, I love those
accents! Hehe.
Kirsteelea Kirsteelea 25/Dec/2001:05:56:56
Hi there :o) its Kris from Live journal: sweetnightngale. I just
wanted to let u know that I stopped by. You did a good job on this
page. I wish u the best of luck in the new year. Take Care!!

Rob Coming Soon 18/Dec/2001:09:44:52
It's a sad thing that the only way i get to keep up on things is by
visiting your website and checking your articles.

I really should email more often, the site looks great, the wipes are
quite neat, and I like the snow effect.

Say hi the family for me

Sussi -&- Thomas Susy Design 16/Dec/2001:04:23:44
Hi Darren.
Great to see your site.
We're just fine in Stockholm.
Drop us a line with some fresh gossip.


/Sussi -&- Thomas
sara fuCKYou 15/Dec/2001:08:51:58
your site is neat...hehe way to go.
dc   14/Dec/2001:22:58:42
Love the snow flakes falling over the pages.
Chris   13/Dec/2001:07:40:01

Perry Tarantine Wolf -&- Moose Home 12/Dec/2001:22:49:14
Enjoyed the Brit quiz, scored a 47.5% answering honestly and 92.5%
pretending to be british :) See all those Monty Python movies, shows,
etc. . . paid off. Well that and visiting the UK last year.
Craig Webjournal 12/Dec/2001:22:38:27
Cool Brit Quiz!
The Kumquat   12/Dec/2001:19:14:45
I like the British quiz (100% British, not bad for someone with dual
UK/US nationality - I admit I was skewing it).

I believe though that Big Ben is housed in St Stephen's Tower, not
Westminster Tower, although it is the tower of the Palace of

Off to look for more time-wasting opportunities.


Jessica Ben There, Done That 11/Dec/2001:23:08:00
Hey your page rocks! I enjoyed looking through it -&- enjoyed taking
your British Quiz! I'll be back to visit.
Ken MacFarlane Diary Of A Crazed One 10/Dec/2001:23:59:05

WAY COOL PAGE MAN! Love the british test it was good.
And the tea questions are a laugh.
It's funny seeing the Americans fill that it.

See you around mate

I'm going to get back to my "shit"...I mean work...Argh American Lingo!

kelly=yum   10/Dec/2001:18:39:45
80% british. cool website MAKE MORE QUIZZES LIKE THAT!ne1 agree wiv me?
kelly   10/Dec/2001:18:35:57
please make some more quizzes up, they're funny!
Paul Broadband Map 10/Dec/2001:06:25:55
Cracking site. 80% Brit. :)
Dave 08/Dec/2001:23:48:46
So there's a problem in the coding of The British Test and I can't get my

Kim   07/Dec/2001:05:01:39
I like your quiz!! i want to live in London someday and i thought i
would take you quiz to see if i could handle think i will do
alright! lol...
alimitra   07/Dec/2001:04:28:59
I like the British quiz!!
Iha   07/Dec/2001:04:03:12
I meant: I am 75% British, just like
Michael Caine
Who is he?
Iha   07/Dec/2001:03:32:30
I´m 57% british. Good result for being a swede. I think I passed the
beer questions.......
Jenn of the Loop Jenn's Babylon 5 Delirium 07/Dec/2001:02:56:33
Love the British test!! I can't believe I got 65%.. *S* Yeey! The
British rule!! *giggles* Ok, I'll just go be crazy somewhere else now..
Mick Brit and Boner 07/Dec/2001:02:14:05
Hey Daz, I'm 97.5 % British and proud of it too! As for the bike stuff,
I'm the owner of a K1100-LT-SE so I understand all the reasons why you
love the K1200... It took me years of dreaming before I actully got to
own one, but the waiting was all worth while. It's the best thing on
two wheels and once you get the passion to own one, you surely will :-)
Well good luck for the future and if you wanna contact me feel free
to e-mail me... tat-tar for now..... byeeeeeee. Mick.
Spiraling   07/Dec/2001:02:13:20
Hey, that was fun! There's a spelling mistake in there somewhere, where you put "and" instead of "an." No, I'm not remarking on the spelling of color. Thanks!
Waylon whats with all the questions 06/Dec/2001:20:13:43
yes! I'm only 17.5 percent british, although i'm a little disturbed
this survey says i'm that british I'm much less british than my
counterparts who took this quiz, so i can live with the
results. \/\//\¥|_0|\|
angela Angela's Journal 06/Dec/2001:14:53:01
Oh... I am I am 45% British, just like
Catherine Zeta Jones
A true English rose, but you know where the money is.

I am American.. I live in California. I have never been to England.
I've been to Australia and New Zealand before. I have a foreign
exchange student from London living next door to me, does that count?
Angela Angela's Journal 06/Dec/2001:14:50:40
I liked the quiz.. it was a lot of fun :)
Mercenary Nick Just Another universe 06/Dec/2001:10:25:47
I am 62.5% British, just like
Sir Elton John
Roots in the UK, the rest of your hair is in the US.

:D I'm CANADIAN! Basically, like a Briton, except a lumberjack, owner
of a pet beaver, able to obtain better beer, and not as violent (As far
as soccer hooligans are concerned) :P

Of course, these are sterotypes, and I shouldn't be sent any hatemail
by The fine British people /_^ For, while not Canadian, they're also
not American ;p

"Kiss me! I'm more then half british!"
ben1979 @ LJ heart failed 06/Dec/2001:09:55:09
sorry lad, i'd sign your bloody guestbook but i'm not sending you
bloody money. not across the pond anyway ;-)
Erin   06/Dec/2001:09:15:00
hey, nice site, cool bike!
Andrzej Kamrowski   06/Dec/2001:08:34:44

I'm not British so 47.5% seems right, but my Uncle John stayed there
after the II World War.

Diana 06/Dec/2001:07:51:06
Oh yeah. And I live in Georgia. So you have to give me some credit.
Diana 06/Dec/2001:07:48:58
I am 45% British, just like
Catherine Zeta Jones
A true English rose, but you know where the money is.

Ok. I'm American, all right? And I don't drink tea. And I don't really
like Catherine Zeta Jones. Oh well. Nice quiz.
Amanda if you count that as a homepage 06/Dec/2001:05:48:18
I like the quiz.. I'm 17.5% british and I live in NY so I feel special!
Anne   06/Dec/2001:05:30:08
What a great quiz! I've spent some time in the UK, and I laughed out
loud taking this test. :)

--Anne (American, but 37.5% British)
Chadly Limerick Lake 06/Dec/2001:05:06:31
Lady_Amalthea   06/Dec/2001:03:38:48
I don't really have much to say...... I'm just signing this because it
said to at the bottom :-p
Nicki 05/Dec/2001:23:40:46
well very depressing, I found out I'm only 45% british, could have
sworn I was more :( sweet quiz though, very fun to take!
charles 05/Dec/2001:19:23:28
have been studying in the british midlands (grantham, lincs) since
august, and i'm proud to say that after all my time here, i'm now 90%
british. the fanny question is my favorite. pax
Robyn Markow(Wannabe   05/Dec/2001:15:07:18

Jolly fun quiz! Can you include a question about "Spotted Dick" soon? That would be a real stumper of a question for The Yanks..!
pione   05/Dec/2001:12:38:27
hahaha funny stuff
Van Goodwin Redstroke 05/Dec/2001:11:45:59
Only 17%? I've been to London, and thought I fit in better than that.
Perhaps they didn't take those comments about everybody in their
country talking funny as well as I thought.
Jennifer A Woelke   05/Dec/2001:09:03:35
very funny! thanks for doing this...!
BIlly   05/Dec/2001:02:09:57
Ya know, you COULD just have a simple no or yess for some questions.

I've never been on the jerry springer show, but I DO know what it is. Give me a break.
Ryan 05/Dec/2001:01:28:11
V cool
Terry Stolte   05/Dec/2001:00:35:09
Max O'Donnell   04/Dec/2001:23:32:43
Chaya Elfin Realms 04/Dec/2001:20:31:12
Spiffy. ;D I only made 65%, tho'. *sigh* Must... find... copy... of...
East Enders...
julian   04/Dec/2001:18:41:14
passed on by Adam K,

Now all I need is a homepage


Starblubber Winnipeg Punks 04/Dec/2001:15:02:59
Bobby Again, nyet. 04/Dec/2001:11:46:33
Heh. British.
Kate   04/Dec/2001:00:48:21
Great British quiz! :D
Melissa   03/Dec/2001:22:37:11
Too cute!
BiLLyBLuE 03/Dec/2001:22:27:02
I like the Brit quiz. :o) Much fun, and I'm more than 1/2 Brit. LoL.

Happy Webbing,
john   03/Dec/2001:22:11:24
Hi we matched on hotornot but you deleted Why
hoping to have some news about you
a little frenchi who only wants to tchat with you sometimes!!!!!!!
Phil Throneout - The Truth about the Windsors 03/Dec/2001:21:21:55
Love it.
Maria   03/Dec/2001:06:28:37
Hallo there,

Thanks for a great quiz!

Your Fellow American
Jim e Re:TH reth number 2 site-regarding the mother f***ing he 03/Dec/2001:04:31:31
90%...The cheek, why I ought to throw down my white glove and callange
you to a duel right after a nice cup of tea, you blaggard.

Nice site!
merry   03/Dec/2001:02:46:52
too many questions on the quiz... wasn't worth the time... shorten it!
Holly old to new one there. 03/Dec/2001:02:38:38
Cool quiz thingy...I'm so tired *yawn*

wish I knew how to make something like that. its gonna go
check out ur LJ

- Holly xxx
glor glor and more 03/Dec/2001:01:35:37
I really wish I was British. Unfortunately, I'm just a loser American
from Pennsylvania:(
arhuaine Leaves of a Different Tree 02/Dec/2001:23:05:02
By crikey, old chap! I was a tad disappointed to see that I came out
only 90% British. I'll have you know I'm 100% Blighty through and
through. Golly gosh, that quiz was jolly fun. Better than the BBC.
Better even than thirteen pints of bitter and a chicken vindaloo.
Better even than Manchester United getting beaten one-nil by Chelsea
yesterday. Spiffing. :)
Steve Steve's UK homepage 02/Dec/2001:21:13:27
centera href=
src= height=100
width=300/abrI am 70% BritishbrTake the Brit Quiz atbra
britquiz1.htm/a/centerbrQuiz written by Daz lj user="daz71"P

oops I forgot to paste my result in.... LOL ;-)

Steve Steve's UK Homepage 02/Dec/2001:21:09:14
Thanks for the British quiz. It was fun ;-)))))

starry   02/Dec/2001:18:24:58
your quiz says i've never been OUT of the UK -&- i've never been TO the UK!
but i love you anyway, you crazy limey! ^_^
Kasey   02/Dec/2001:10:56:09
Fun stuff you've got here.
uh fuck you nigger 02/Dec/2001:09:57:08
I think it's really fucking funny that you have the verified logo, when
in fact, your site does not verify.
Mojo IV   02/Dec/2001:08:18:52
centerI am 82.5% British just likebrbMr Bean/bbrShy to the
point of ridicule, you've probably never been out of the UK.brTake
the Brit Quiz atbra
m/britquiz1.htm/a/centerbrQuiz written by Daz lj user="daz71"

I am American, and I've lived in California most of my life. My mother
is Australian.

D   02/Dec/2001:02:49:50
I am 90% British just like
HRH Prince Charles
Though [I]'ll never be king [I]
certainly know where [my] castle is.

Most curious considering I've never been out of the States (or is't
"Colonies"?). Suppose I've simply had too much exposure to literature,
BBC and the lads of Monty Python (if such a thing is possible).

Enjoyed the quiz, though.

Devon 02/Dec/2001:01:03:00
Nice page! I liked the test by the by. ~d~
david   02/Dec/2001:00:38:11
Clever. Perhaps a bit too clever..
Brandi yes, i like to sing 01/Dec/2001:18:44:11
Hey, roxy baby, I'm Hugh Grant, I have a British accent. That's quite a
feat considering I've always lived in Texas.
dee 01/Dec/2001:04:31:18
funny, I'm as British as Mr. Bean...and I've never been anywhere outside of the Eastern Time zone...

maybe it's the fact that my Jamaican mother got me hooked on tea at an early age...
Rebecca Circle of Days 30/Nov/2001:16:27:30
Excellent quiz! ^_^
R   30/Nov/2001:15:30:50
23) In 1969 England beat Germany in...
A) World War II
B) The World Cup

A is wrong. B is wrong. The World Cup was won in 1966.
Matt blah 29/Nov/2001:22:52:31
Heheh, im english and i took an english test...oh well.
One thing i'd like to point out, that in England, you have to be over
18. Which means that there is an age limit, and its not 21 ^^.
Oh well, i hate pointing things out. Makes me sound bloody English.
Anyhow, bye.
Amanda   29/Nov/2001:19:43:44
Wicked site!!!!
edd james eddjames / therevamp 29/Nov/2001:18:55:22
just did the How British test - nice!
fi Munky 29/Nov/2001:16:48:46
centera href=
src= height=100
width=300/abrI am 82.5% BritishbrTake the Brit Quiz atbra

*sobs* and I've never BEEN to the UK - cool Quiz though, really I've
been brought up in a brit family, in New Zealand!!!
Maura MauraCelt/ Rebel Mission 28/Nov/2001:22:02:14

You should make the tests so that non java people can use them as well as java enabled. This is not a particularly friendly site for us non java folk. :(
Other than that, it seems like it would be fun if I could use it.
emily kristin charismattaque 28/Nov/2001:21:00:25
interesting quiz...
daniel ryder red elvis online 28/Nov/2001:17:41:32
40-49% isn't too bad.
Kittie   28/Nov/2001:08:07:13
amber Day dreams and Slumber thoughts 26/Nov/2001:22:07:16
these tests are awesome.
Dad   18/Nov/2001:02:09:41
Leaf it out!
Shade .:Alone In The Dark:. 12/Nov/2001:09:14:06
Great page - love the layout. Thanx for the comment on my page aswell -
well tah!
ben .f   31/Oct/2001:17:50:59
leo k sullivan   30/Oct/2001:07:50:16
nice pages the art like quality of the first photo of you is good the info. of other web cams is much appreciated.
C2it   26/Oct/2001:15:51:50
Scarey skarey scarie skary skury scury
Lance 26/Oct/2001:13:21:55
Like the halloween page. Does Cara look like Carrie or what
sonny crockett sonny's world 24/Oct/2001:07:47:07
Just surfing 4 idea's on pumpkin templates....great site and great to
see it's family related....hope u update for this halloween(2001)
RoyBennett   17/Oct/2001:02:11:06
Its Nearly halloween 2001, wish me luck when pumkin carving
mark the beckett 10/Oct/2001:18:14:15
Like the Site - what happened with those ants in assembly then? we all
want to know the story !!
Emlyn The Beckett 10/Oct/2001:17:11:38
Glad you liked the tunes on!!
We will have to get you and your mates down to one of our gigs, we have
a big gig at the Hanover grand in early Nov and maybe a smaller one
before, possibly in the rock garden. Check the site for details.

I like your site by the way, stylish!

Emma (Dork) Atomic Lava Lounge 10/Oct/2001:03:00:52

You were kind enough to stop by and read my stuff, so I thought I'd
drop by and read yours. You're an excellent writer. Keep up the great

-The Dork
Zoe   20/Sep/2001:18:32:38
I thought I'd just drop by to say that I love your new site. It was
our 8th wedding anniversary on the 11th September so you can guess that
we didn't feel like celebrating. It was a terrible thing to watch.

Anyway, I hope you, Babs, Seth and Cara are OK. I guess we'll have to
wait 'til next year for that BBQ now ;o)

Love Zoe, Paul and Phillip xxx
Lance Goodman 17/Sep/2001:13:45:34
Just read your comments of the events in the US last week.

Couldn't agree more with what you had to say. This has affected almost
everyone on the planet in some way. I found it difficult to watch some
of the images on the news and can't begin to imagine how thw people in
New York will cope with the after effects.
Rhonda Harris FREE STUFF 16/Aug/2001:07:59:11
Enjoyed the site.
Lisa Simonds   10/Aug/2001:00:24:49
Hi Darren,
Sarah told me she'd found your web page, I don't have a memory like
Sarah's but do remember your tales, that usually followed Sarah and I's
violen and flute recitals, what a nightmare we all were.
I've also passed on your details to Laura Hook.
Sarah Leeder   24/Jul/2001:22:34:16
Found you via the friends reunited site, and wasn't surprised to find
you had your own website. I can still remember those crazy stories
about ants in matchboxes in assembly, i bet you haven't changed a bit.
Do you still live locally ?
Michael Mikweb 29/Jun/2001:18:23:57
Yo Bruv, I want more details on what you are doing with these Lego

Thanks for organising Stag Party, like the site we will have to make sure we get loads of
picky's on the day to keep the site going :o)

Speak to you soon.

Bruv :o)

P.S. Ive still got your Birthday presents from March!!
C2it   13/Jun/2001:03:11:31
What happened at the Canadian Grand Prix?
C2it   12/May/2001:00:29:12
Where is the LEGGO people?
Al Shah 02/May/2001:13:30:32
What did the neighbours say watching you put a fence up in the rain?

I can picture Darren holding up a mallett above him roaring while it
rains and thunders - does he think he's Thor or something?

Fun reading what you guys get up to...
Pauline Tyner   24/Feb/2001:03:34:14
Thanks Darren. Wish I had been there too. Would have been 4 generations,
and we would have gotten to meet each other. I am not certain now why I
didn't drive up, but it probably had something to do with finances *S*.
Anyway, Sue and you'all did a wonderful job of putting it all together.
I had seen your wedding photos and the page you made of them and the
pictures are so pretty. I have also seen some of the photos of the party
after you got back to London. Nice friends and family to honor you two
with a party. It sounds like you two were met for each other and I hope
you'll always find much happiness and contentment in each other.

Love and hugs from Grandmom Tyner.
Rob [aka Ripper] Rob's Ramblins 17/Feb/2001:15:07:32
Thanks for a very nice and easy to read page Daz.. It helps an "Ole"
codger like me to read it.. L*O*L!!!!!!
I would like for you visit my web-site, its only one page right now,
but I have other ideas in the "Hanger ready to be Launched"..

My current site is on Native American Indians lifestyle, culture and
music.... Stay tuned more to come.... ;-) ya Rob!!!!
nancy The Heretical Whore 13/Feb/2001:00:51:29
Hey Daz-

From one geek to another- nice job - do you do any Cold Fusion? Not
sure if you saw that Macromedia has taken Allaire over - you might want
to check it out - I'm betting they will be putting out a hybrid soon -
and it will take over the web ;)

See ya-
Great Grandmom Tyner   30/Jan/2001:14:07:04
Enjoyed the trip !!!
Babs Babs2000 22/Jan/2001:18:29:25
I love it, and I'm not just saying that cause I'm biased. :)

My favorite page is the faces page. Of course. I'm always anxious to
see what new pic of the day you have put up.

Love You muches
Sheepish Sheepworld 17/Jan/2001:20:10:21
Hello from Sheepish. Don't know Sheepish? Michael does but he's not
telling...I don't think...

Anyway - hello from Sheepish (didn't I just say that?)
Lance   03/Jan/2001:04:10:11
Just to let you know, it's Cavalier not Cavalear
Grandmom Tyner   18/Dec/2000:07:00:05
Thanks for all the work you've done on your home page. And thanks for
sending me the address. I enjoyed the visit...Hugs from Grandmom...
lance   05/Dec/2000:20:58:55
When is the Christmas page happening. Spending to much time on CS I
C2it   14/Nov/2000:01:45:00
Can see the picture and text ok now but if the screen is in an almost
screen sized window the options next to your face travel onto your
face. Sorry to sound picky but I am trying to de-bug your programme!
Did you have any Woolwich shares? Woopee
C2it   13/Nov/2000:04:34:36
Picture runs over the text about Cara -&- Seth!
Beth (AngelFire) AngelFire's page 07/Dec/1998:21:33:06
Hey there Darren Long time NO see.. I was just surfin through Dianna's
Page and thought I'll check out yours and leave a message.. I really
like your page!! and i'm really happy you found someone special.. ! you
deserve it.. !! Well I better let you go! take care..

Your friend
Tracy Random Banterings 20/Nov/1998:05:20:54
Oh Darren. What have you done? Ein gästebuch! Well, like any other
NYC graffiti artist - OPEN SPACE, MUST FILL IT. Your page has grown,
expanded, and evolved quite nicely/strangely. Of course, I have some
concerns about what it will be addressing/undressing in the future...
but, yes, I like it! I will be checking it for updates (as usual) so
please don't disappoint, ok? :) Ok, enough of this. I will return
again (and again) with my random thoughts and commentary as needed.
Keep up the Grreat work!!
kelly Tangerine Dreem 15/Oct/1998:21:26:40
darren darren darren..what am i gonna do with you? you keep adding and
adding to your page and im so far behind at checking up on you. my page
is so old..but now that i'm going home i will be online more often and
i'll get caught up with it all. I love what you've been doing with your
page lately tho daz :o). hope to chat atcha soon, take care and be well
in the meantime. gotta go load my truck WooHoo! im goin home today!
luv and hugs,
Babs Babs Loves Daz 12/Oct/1998:22:25:32
Ya know how I feel about Paul already..**smiles**.. and I KNOW you know
how I feel about you.. but my favorite page on your site.. well that
would have to be Frisky.. **EG**.. for ...ummm...other reasons..I love
you Darren.. and can't wait to get home to you..I'v been away too

Love Me

Darren Wall Paul's Page 12/Oct/1998:11:27:21
Welcome to my guestbook. As so many people have follwed links to other
sites and then filled in guestbooks I thought it would be a good idea
to put a guestbook here.

Tell me what you think of the site, the good bits, the bad bits and
what you'd like to see more of.

Thanks for dropping by,