PIC OF THE DAY 31st October 2000
Cara and her pumpkin.Since Halloween is not something that us British go nuts over I have never before carved a pumpkin. After a quick briefing from Barbara I was left with a sharp knife, three pumpkins, three candles, some markers and two kids.
As Barbara ran out of the kitchen saying "Have fun" I was wondering why she didn't want to play?
Seth and his pumpkin. First, pumpkin inards are yucky ! Next year I'm letting Cara empty my pumpkin.
Second though they are great artists the kids drew tiny faces that you'd have to use a scalple to cut out and it took them several attempts before drawing big enough faces to cut out.

Darren and his pumpkinThird, pumpkin inards are yucky !
Forth, sharp knives, candles and kids who's bright idea was that?
"Daddy can I cut the face out of the pumpkin?"
"Daddy can I light the candle?"
"Daddy can I..."
"No, no, no, no, no !!!"

Seth and Cara were both happy in the end with their designs.
Seth's pumpkin is the first one that I've seen with false teeth.
I like the way that Cara's pumpkin has a lop sided mouth.
My pumpkin is apparantly "traditional", not bad for a Brit.
Seth's PumpkinCara's Pumpkin
Darren's Pumpkin

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