Pic Of the Day 26th December 2000
My parents gave me a Star Trek pocket watch. The watch has the federation emblem on the front and inside has pictures and schematics of the original Enterprise.
This is the second pocket watch I have gotten. The first is a watch from my grandfather. Apparantly the Trek watch is one of a set. This may be the start of a collection.

Barbara bought me Star Trek Elite Force. Since I've been playing a lot of games recently and saw my brother play this just before Christmas I'd been dropping a lot of hints. The game is very good, using the Quake III 3D engine you have to solve maps as well as blasting your favorite Star Trek baddies.
There's even a section where you are walking around the old sixties style federation craft, complete with "woosh beep" doors and female crew in skimpy uniforms and thigh boots.