Nothing to see here.
Would anyone like to buy a 19 inch paperweight?
I've not been having much luck with my computer recently. A couple of months back Outlook stopped working and I thought I'd lost all my mail. Searching through news groups I eventually found the cure was to rebuild the icon bar.
In the last month I've had problems with Internet Explorer. Again, quick search on Google lead me to replacing a DLL file and that appeared to fix the problem.
My optical mouse (one of those flash ones without a ball) stopped working, it seems that the cable has broken inside.
While trying to get my CD burner to work last night I was constantly restarting my machine, it would appear that this upset the monitor since that too has stopped working.
I'm now having to work on a much smaller monitor than what I'm used to. I believe that monitors are expensive to get repaired so I'm going to have to get used to this little monitor.


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