3D me NOW
Pic of the day 23rd Jan 2001

Daz in 3d

Two good reasons for this update:

1) My brother sent me a link to a program which allows you to create a 3d version of yourself and after a couple of evenings work I've got models of both Barbara and myself.

2) Barbara has a neat new hair style which her model shows of really well.

Babs in 3d

Barbara was tired of her hair colour and had low lights put in just before Christmas. This week she decided she wanted to go back to blonde. The first attempt to die her hair made it blonde at the roots and red at the ends, The second attempt made her hair a gold colour with orange at the ends. Barbara cried and cried and cried. Knowing that at this stage most people would pay anything to get this fixed the salons wanted a huge amount of money to fix her hair. Luckily a friend of Barbara's was able to style her hair short enough to get rid of most of the red. I personally think that her new hair style looks very good and in a twisted way I'm glad she messed up her hair in the first place otherwise she probably would not have had it styled this way.

The programme that's been used to make the two 3d models is called 3dMeNow. You can download a player and trial version of the program from www.3dmenow.com .
Once you've downloaded the viewer you can download my head from
and Barbara's from

If you use the program to make your own 3d head please send it to me :o)