Dream Bike
Before I could ride my motorbike on the road I had to complete my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), this I took on the 21st of November. I had to spend the morning doing slow, control exercises in a school playground followed by a couple of hours out on the road with an instructor in the afternoon.
My bike should have been delivered to the test center for me to do the course on but due to a misunderstanding at the shop it was not delivered in time for the mornings training. I had to take the slow control exercises on one of the school's 50cc mopeds. Something wasn't quite right with the moped, it was a little 'lumpy' at low speeds but I managed to weave between the cones and to scribe a figure of eight without too much effort.
After a quick lunch and a talk which made sure we understood the 'Highway Code' we were taken out on the road.
The instructor had a radio transmitter and the two students had receivers. The other student was riding a manual bike and had trouble several times stalling his bike at traffic lights and then overcompensating and flying up on to one wheel when changing gear. I spent most of the ride behind the instructor while he was watching the other rider in front.
At the end of the two hour road ride I received my CBT certificate and the other rider was asked to come back and try again next week.
Before I can ride a motorbike without 'L' plates ('L' for learner) I have to take another course and further test with a theory test too. I intend on taking the full test some time next year once I have a little more road experience behind me.
Eventually I would like to have a 'touring' style bike like the BMW pictured above, though probably not with the 1200cc engine, that's almost the same size as the engine in my car !
The next thing we need to do is to get a price for part paving the front garden so that I have somewhere to stand the bike with a post to secure it to. Currently I fix the bike to the front railings which, while secure, blocks the path a fair bit.
As always, watch this space for further details.


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