PIC OF THE DAY 22nd October 2000
Fun with paint guns
It was a wet day in St. Albans. A few freinds and I went to play "paint ball". Running around, diving in to muddy puddles, getting shot at, scrambling through thorn bushes. It was a brilliant day.
Quite often when the battles got to a stale mate with no one advancing and no one shooting I would simply stand up in the middle of the battle field to draw enemy fire and get things going again. This picture shows the hazard of such a manouver, I was hit at the top of my face mask.
I took my minidisc recorder with me and recorded the first couple of hours of the day. The recording here is taken from the second game. Each game was around 15 minutes long or until one team had captured the flag and got it in to the correct base. In this game the teams were fifty yards appart with the flag in the middle of the two teams, in this game you had to get the flag from the middle and put it into the "enemy" base.
The game lasted four minutes and thirty seconds. The recording starts just before the game and is cut about twenty seconds short. (512k about 2minutes loading on a 28k modem)