New Suit
The last time I rode a motorbike of any kind was back in 1987 when I had a 50cc moped to take me to college. At the time I had a full Belstaff waterproof suit, FM crash helmet, Frank Thomas boots and gloves. The helmet always had a problem with the visor misting up, it still fits me but I needed a new one. The new HJC helmet has a facemask that should help with the misting problem.
The waterproof suit is still good but is no longer big enough to wear a coat under it. I've now got a Weise jacket and some waterproof leggings.
The Frank Thomas boots were a good investment all those years ago. When I gave up riding the moped I kept the boots and used them a couple of times when I played paintball. The boots give good support to my ankles and allow me to wade through mud that pulls the trainers off most of the rest of the teams. After 14 years the boots still fit. I spent a couple of hours today cleaning the mud from the boots and giving them a couple of coats of wax.
As with the boots the gloves have also served me well. The gloves come out every year around wintertime. When running around the woodlands shooting paint balls the gloves are also a good thing to have.
The last thing I have to do before Wednesday is to get insurance. This is proving difficult and expensive.


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