Changing Rooms

Normally Barbara wants to work on the house when I want to rest or I want to work on the house when she wants to rest but this weekend we both have the fixup bug.

I have been meaning to take down the book case in Cara's room and make it into shelving since she first got the room. The shelves give her more floor space and are more secure than the original toppling book case was.

We bought these curtains a couple of years ago, they've always been about a foot too long. Being too long they have never been easy to close and have acted as brooms, brushing up the dust off the floor under the window.

Today Barbara had me take down the curtains then she measured the right length, marked the curtains and folded them back then sewed and cut them to length.

With me working upstairs and Barbara working on the sewing machine the house looked like we were filming one of those awful 'Changing Rooms' style programs. I would not have been surprised to see Laurence Lewellyn Bowen.

By the end of the day, Cara's room was finished and the living room was all straight. I even moved all the wood from behind the sofas which has been there since we last worked on the kitchen just over a year ago.