Bank Holiday In The Park

Most bank holidays are wet and cold, a break in fine weather. The seventh of May 2001 was a change to the norm'. Since October 2000 the weather in the UK has been wet, rain, rain and more rain. Even through the winter months we did not have more that a couple of days of snow. Late last year many of the country's rivers burst their banks.

This week saw the final break of the bad weather. Barbara and I took Cara's friend Zoe, Cara and Seth to a park which I used to play in as a boy.

During my school years I used to sit under the great oak tree in the middle of Danson Park and read. Today the tree is fenced off to protect the tree and any of it's roots which are near the surface.

The mansion has been restored over recent years.

This is where I wish I had a slightly better camera. The swan had a nest on the lake and was fending off the geese and ducks which came near. At one point the swan was almost stood up on the water, beating it's wings. This was just as the camera was recovering from having taken the previous shot. Once the camera was ready to take a picture again the geese and ducks had reached a safe distance.