Guy Fawkes Night 2001
My brother has done a lot of work in his garden this year and was left with a lot of old fence panels, the remains of a shed and the remains of a tree. We made up a fire and kept it burning for much of the evening.
Micheal bought a box of fireworks for five pounds and they were worth every penny, not a penny more. The most fun was had from when we realised that the squealing noise coming from the fire was the sound of the snails, which had made their homes on the damp wood, evaporating.
The following day we went with some friends up to Black Heath to watch the fireworks. We had been up to Black Heath two years ago and knew that parking was impossible so this year we took the bus. Though the bus was not busy when we got on it soon filled up.
The heath was very crowded. We didn't want to get too close to the display for two reasons, first it would be difficult to get out of the crowds when the display was over but mainly because when we had been right at the front before we had the burning remains of fireworks fall in our faces. This year there was very little wind and we were far enough from the display to see it without getting a bad neck. The firework display itself lasted for about twenty minutes. Where as people had been turning up for a couple of hours before the display, when the fireworks finished they all headed for home together. The streets were packed with people and vehicles and the busses were packed to bursting point. If we go to the Black Heath display again we'll try the train.

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