A Brave Boy

On Sunday while Seth and Cara were playing in the living room Seth slipped and twisted his hand. According to Seth his little finger on his right hand was bent right back to touch the back of his hand. I had him sit with his hand in cold water for a little while and made sure he could still move his finger and had feelings in the tips of his fingers. With a big bowl of ice-cream we left it as that.

On Tuesday Seth's school calls us to say that Seth has gone to the nurse because his hand hurt. After waiting in the accident center in my local hospital for just over an hour, x-rays show that he has broken one of the bones in the side of his hand. That night they put a temparary plaster to support the hand.

Wednesday morning we have an appointment with the fracture clinic. Here, the doctor decides that the best thing to do is to tape the two fingers together and use a bandage for support.

Throughout the whole three days Seth has not cried at all and we've not heard so much as an "ouch" from him.

He's a tough little kid.