Wedding Anniversary

I would have put some pictures of our day here but, despite having freshly charged batteries in the camera, I forgot to put the memory card in.

Having ordered the tickets to go see the musical 'Chicago' several weeks ago I had tried to keep this a secret from Barbara. Getting nearer the day I had to tell her where we were going to help her to decide what to wear.

We took the train up to London and walked down towards the theatre. Just down the street from the theatre is an Angus Steak House, we stopped in here and had meal. The restaurant was hot and didn't have air conditioning so it was also pretty empty.

Today was one of the hottest and most humid days of the year so far. Our plans to do a little walking around London before the show were soon put to a stop by the exhausting heat. At one point we walked into a shop just to get cool from their air conditioning.

We did manage to get up to Covent Gardens and watch some of the street acts. There were a couple of men on tall unicycles, they were juggling and having fun with the audience.

The show itself was excellent. It was the first 'West End' show that Barbara had ever seen. Barbara was asking where the orchestra was, normally they would be in a 'pit' just between the front row of the seats and the stage. Chicago is based around jazz, therefore the band were focal point on a stand in the middle of the stage.

The story is about Roxy, a girl who gets into a lot of trouble when her husband won't take 'the rap' for a murder which she has committed. Though this sounds pretty morbid, murder, treachery and sexploitation made for a very good show.