End of 2001
My parents bought me heated handle grips for the scooter, it took dad and I a couple of attempts to get them wired correctly. The instructions said to wire directly to the battery but we wanted the grips to shut off with the ignition key. Though the cable from the ignition was suffice for a power we had to wire the return direct to the battery rather than to the chassis.
We bought Cara a cheap digital camera for Christmas. She takes good photographs, well positioned, now she has to learn more about lighting and what makes good photographic content.
I bought Barbara a watch and Cara bought her a indoor water fountain.
We've been wanting to let Seth out more often but in the past when we've done this he does not keep track of the time and we loose him. We bought Seth a 'pay as you go' mobile phone.
Yesterday Seth went, on his own, to Blue Water. Barbara told him which buses to take and where to change but as expected he didn't listen. When he called us to say where he was he'd already gone miles past where he should have changed busses.
Eventually Seth managed to get to Blue Water and do some shopping for his sister's birthday.
He's not used to the mobile phone yet and each conversation was a little strained.
Me, "Hello", no reply, "Hello?", no reply, "HELLO!"
Seth "Hello?",
Me, "Where are you Seth?"
Seth "Hello?"
Me, "SETH, Where are you?".
Seth "Dad?"
Seth "Dad?"
Hopefully he'll read the instructions on how to make the earpiece louder. He used up most of his credit on the phone with conversations like that above.


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